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RSC Budget & Spending Taskforce Chair Cline Announces Release of FY 2024 RSC Budget, “Protect America’s Economic Security”

  Today, Congressman Ben Cline (R-VA) and the Republican Study Committee released its annual alternative budget for fiscal year 2024. The budget serves as a comprehensive blueprint for conservative governance and was produced by the RSC Budget and Spending Task Force. Congressman Cline currently chairs that task force.

The reckless policies of President Biden and Congressional Democrats have created a record $10 trillion in new spending in just two years, resulting in historic inflation, massive interest rate hikes, and rapid acceleration toward a national debt crisis. Despite an unprecedented $31.92 trillion in national debt, the RSC’s “Protect America’s Economic Security” would balance the budget in just seven years, cut spending by $16.3 trillion over 10 years and reduces Americans’ taxes by $5.1 trillion over 10 years.

RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chair Rep. Ben Cline said: “For too long, irresponsible spending habits in Washington have made the cost-of-living more expensive for hardworking American families, and they are fed up with business-as-usual. The RSC budget prioritizes smart, common-sense policy to empower the American worker, and it cuts back on wasteful spending to pay for what’s important – just like families have to do every day. We are committed to protecting our country’s economic security and restoring fiscal sanity to our Nation’s finances.”

RSC Chairman Kevin Hern said, “I’m proud of the work Ben and our task force members have put into this budget. Our conservative values are on display on every page. Our budget proves that fiscal responsibility is the only way to lower inflation, grow the economy, cut federal spending, empower taxpayers, and protect small businesses. Congress controls the purse strings, but we the House has failed to produce a budget year after year after year. Everyone has to balance their budget – governors, mayors, businesses, families – but not Congress. Nearly every problem facing our government can be traced back to our failure to both pass a budget and stick to it. The Republican Study Committee has a budget, and it balances in just seven years. Our budget is real, and it’s floor-ready. It’s time to get our country back on track!”

The RSC Budget is made up of over 220 individual bills and initiatives from RSC Members, and has received support from numerous outside groups as well. You can see all the statements of support here.

HERE is the text of the FY ’24 Budget, Protecting America’s Economic Security.  

Congressman Ben Cline represents the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia. He previously was an attorney in private practice and served both as an assistant prosecutor and Member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Cline and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Botetourt County with their two children.