One year on Capitol Hill, Republican Rep. Ben Cline has been effective even while in the minority

November 30, 2019
In The News

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ben Cline walked out of a meeting about the ballooning cost of higher education frustrated. He had just been defeated — again.

Cline, a Republican from Botetourt County, put forward a pair of proposals to increase transparency and accountability at higher education institutions as well as to deal with the ease with which people are able to obtain tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

The House Education and Labor Committee, like Congress controlled by the majority party Democrats, swiftly killed his ideas. Rep. Joe Courtney, a Democrat from Connecticut, called Cline’s student loan proposal “radical.”

“Well, good,” Cline said walking down a hallway. “I didn’t come here to support more of the same that isn’t working.”

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