Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom granted parole in 1985 slayings of her parents in Bedford County

November 25, 2019
In The News

Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom — who were convicted in the horrific 1985 slayings of Haysom's parents — were granted parole Monday and will be released to immigration officials for deportation to their home countries of Germany and Canada, respectively.

Derek and Nancy Haysom were murdered in their Bedford County home in a crime instigated by Haysom and carried out by Soering, then lovers and students at the University of Virginia. The victims were stabbed and their throats cut in a crime scene described as a slaughterhouse.

Haysom pleaded guilty as an accessory to the murders and testified against Soering, who initially confessed but later recanted. For decades, Soering has been fighting to prove he is innocent, in a case that still generates international attention.

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